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Guidelines for the Artist and Patron

In general, it is said that both the Artist and the Patron should undertake the creation of Sacred Art with the proper motivation of doing so for the benefit of all sentient beings.  If the motivation is pure, the patron will sponsor the artwork with devotion and joy, and likewise, the artist will create the work with the same qualities of mind. 


From a Buddhist perspective, creating and sponsoring works of art that depict the Buddhas, or manifestations thereof, is a great source of merit and the opportunity to do so only arises out of a wealth of virtuous activity accumulated from past lives. As this activity is described as a method that will aid us on the path to enlightenment, it is stressed that we undertake it with a virtuous mind; casting aside worldly concerns such as profit or gain.  


Khonchog Lhadrepa says in The Art of Awakening,


"Jamgön Kongtrul said that it is fine to sell Buddhist statues, texts, stupas, and so on, for a fair price, but too often these days supreme art objects are sold in the same way that countries trade- for big profit or as a tool for bargaining. It is wrong to sell supreme art objects in this manner"


It is based on the words of my teacher, and for the reasons mentioned above that I will do my best to keep the price of my artwork fair, according to the means of everyone who wishes to commission a work of sacred art with pure motivation. 

Lhakang Jowo Buddha
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