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~What is the difference between a Thangka and a Painting?~

A Thangka is a painting.  Thangka is a term generally associated to scroll paintings from the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet.  The difference on my website is that what I call a "Painting" is an oil painting using Buddhist subject matter, and a Thangka is a painting of a Buddhist Deity or Master according to the rules outlined in Buddhist Scripture. For more information on Thangkas please see A Brief History of Thangka Painting.



~Do you do Commissions?~ 

Yes! If you would like to commission either a Thangka or a Painting, please Contact me with what you're thinking!

If you are considering commissioning an Artwork please read

Guidelines for the Artist and Patron.


~How long does a Commission Take?~

This largely depends on what the commission subject matter is of specifically, as well as other factors, including size and my current life situation.  Beautiful, well-done artwork, takes time. Upon the commission of a work, we will discuss an acceptable timeline, and any changes to that timeline will be communicated. 


~How much does a Commision Cost?~

My Thangka Teacher once told me a story about how a Lama wanted a drawing of a certain deity, so he went to a famous artist, and this artist charged him an outrageous amount of money.  However, the Lama ended up not liking the drawing much at all.  Feeling like it would be inappropriate to go back to the original artist, he approached my teacher to request a new drawing. Upon the completion of the drawing, the Lama was very pleased, but when he inquired about a price my teacher wouldn't name one, taking whatever was offered to him. The Lama said he was amazed at the difference between the quality of the work, and the attitude about payment between the two artists. 


That being said, I sell prints of my work in order to keep the cost of commissions lower and I am happy to work with whatever you think you can afford, and a price can be negotiated upon commission.  Again, if you are considering ordering a commission please see Guidelines the for the Artist and Patron. and Contact me with any further questions.


~How Should I frame my Artwork?~

Thangkas are traditionally sewn in into a brocade frame, if you are interested in framing your Thangka this way, please let me know when you commission the work.

Otherwise, artworks can be taken to any framing store.

  For Thangkas and Prints of Thangkas, I recommend getting a red mat board that covers the border of the work. I also recommend glass for protection. 


~How do I care for my artwork?~

Thangkas should be kept dry and hung at eye level or higher.  In general, all sacred artwork should be treated with respect and reverence. 


~Do you ship internationally?~

Yes I do! 

If your question was not answered here, please Contact me. 

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