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About Pema Tsal

May any merit accumulated by the practice of Sacred Art be dedicated to the enlightenment of sentient beings as limitless as space.

 Pema Tsal (tib. པདྨ་རྩལ་) means "Lotus of Creative Play".  This name is an auspicious condition for the blossoming of the creation of sacred art.


Pema Tsal serves as a conduit for the furthering of authentic Western Buddhist Art.  Each piece is created with the utmost care, devotion, and respect for the tradition in order to become a support and inspiration for spiritual practice. I believe that with the proper motivation and methods a painting can invoke blessings in one's spiritual practice.  





For general questions please see the FAQ page, for more information on Thangka Painting and Sacred Art visit the Guidelines for the Artist and Patron and a Brief History of Thangka Painting.

The Artist

Cody Mekelburg is from a small town in eastern Colorado and has been painting and drawing as long as he can remember. Originally instructed by his grandmother in oil painting, he has carried the passion for artistic expression instilled by her throughout his life. 


After a short stint as a tattoo artist, Cody graduated with a B.F.A. in Painting from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2011, primarily studying the painting of the human figure. After a few years of seeking, and a small bit of wandering, he met his Spiritual Teacher Anyen Rinpoche and due to his kindness, and recognition of talent, he was introduced to the Master Artist and Teacher Lama Sonam Tsering.


Lama Sonam guides Cody in the practice of Thangka Painting as it was taught to him in Yolmo, Nepal by his Father. Lama Sonam is a master statue maker and thangka painter, he resides primarily in Nepal, where he continues to carry out Dharma Activity, re-constructing a retreat center and temple for his community after it was destroyed in the earthquake of 2015.  Lama Sonam is not only a master artist but a true example of a hidden yogi practitioner. Lama Sonam is humble and flexible, yet well versed in all topics of knowledge.  Cody strives to follow his example in all ways. 


Cody lives and practices in Denver, Colorado where he serves Anyen Rinpoche and the Orgyen Khamdroling Sangha to root the teachings of the Dharma in the West for the benefit of all sentient beings. 

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